"No other book puts so much information about social credit as a movement between two covers. It will be prized by the social crediter and serve as good introduction for the general reader. ..."
Triumph of the Past

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Major Douglas
The Policy of a Philosophy

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Second Edition
  1    The Money Power and its Critics
  2    The Edwardian Ferment and the New Age
  3    From National Guilds to National Dividends
  4    Clifford Hugh Douglas: The Germination of an Idea
  5    Social Credit: Economic Theory
            The Modified Theorem
            The Final Synthesis
            Douglas and Keynes
            The Proposals
  6    The Twenties: A Seed Plot Time
  7    Major Douglas and the Money Market
  8    The Early Thirties
            Hargrave and The Green Shirts
  9    Guru of the British Empire: World Tour 1934
10    The Later Thirties
            The Green Shirts
11    The Alberta Onslaught
12    Social Credit: Political Theory and Practice
            Political Theory
            Political Practice
13    Social Credit: Theory of History
14    Social Credit: Policy of a Philosophy
15    The Prophet Man
Appendix 1 -- Macmillan Commission -- 24th Day (abridgement)
Appendix 2 -- Labour Party Conference 1935 (abridgement)
Appendix 3 -- Monetary Systems and Monetary Reform
            The Former Soviet Monetary System
            International Trade
            The National Debt: Its Cancellation
            The Financing of Government Deficits
            Local Government Finance
            The Cancellation Controversy
            People's Capitalism
            The Concept of Superstock
Appendix 4 -- The A + B Theorem
            The Critiques
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